WhatsApp: The Fingerprint Lock Feature Is Finally Here for Android – Here’s How to Set It Up

The most popular messaging app from the entire world got a Fingerprint lock update for Android. With this amazing feature, users can now lock WhatsApp with their fingerprint sensor. This messaging app is the top choice for most people around the world. With WhatsApp, you can send and receive messages, emojis, photos, videos. The messages have end-to-end encryption, but if you’re still worried about your privacy, then you can now use your fingerprint lock update, which will help you more in keeping your messages private.

This fingerprint feature was first launched for iPhone users, and then Android users had to wait for a bit – but here we are now! WhatsApp can finally unlock the messages by using the fingerprint sensor, and you don’t need a third-party app in order to secure your chat. You can activate it in no time.

How to activate the fingerprint lock feature

First, the apps need to be updated to the latest version. After you update it, go to Settings by tapping on the three-dot menu from the top right corner. After going to settings, go to Account, Privacy, Fingerprint lock, and tap on it. Unlock the fingerprint lock by switching on toggling. Then you will be asked to input your fingerprint. You can also set a time limit to lock the app with the fingerprint sensor. Don’t forget that next time you want to open the app, you will have to use the fingerprint sensor.

This feature does not restrict calls, but it can hide your private chats. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. This feature will be so helpful for a lot of people. Are you among them?

Austin Barrie

Austin Barrie

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