WhatsApp Tips and Tricks – How To Know If Someone Blocked You

If you have been wondering for a long time how you can find out if a person blocked you on WhatsApp, then you are in the right place. Maybe the person isn’t answering your messages, and you are blaming it on the busy life we all have, but perhaps it’s not like that. If you don’t want to ask the person directly, then we are giving you some methods for finding out.

WhatsApp Tips and Tricks – How To Know If Someone Blocked You

Check the person’s online status

The first thing that you should do, even if it sounds like you are a stalker, you should check the last online status of the person you are “hunting.” If you can see the latest online status of the person, don’t worry, this could mean a lot of things.

Maybe the person does not want to share this kind of information, so he or she made a change in the Settings. The same thing applies if you have the same changes in your Settings. Also, you can be blocked, and the information is not available.

Send an image or a GIF to that contact

Besides this, you can always take a shot and right something or send a photo or GIF to that person to see the checkmarks. As you know, one checkmark means that the message is sent, while two checkmarks imply that they have received the message.

If the two check marks turn blue, then the person has seen your message. At the same time, this will not help you to find out the truth. WhatsApp is offering the same changes to the read confirmations, such as with the last status.

Profile picture unavailable

Finally, the real first sign that a contact added you to the blacklist on WhatsApp is the missing picture on the profile. Of course, this tip works only for contacts that you know they can live without a profile picture.

If you see the gray icon, then most likely, that person blocked you on WhatsApp. Also, you can give a try with a group add of the person you suspect. If you can’t add that person, then it means that you are blocked. Unfortunately, WhatsApp is an app that wants to protect every user’s privacy when blocking someone.

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