WhatsApp To Add A New Feature That Lets Users Send Messages To Blocked Contacts

The news about WhatsApp working on a new feature is coming from a Twitter post by user @techauntyji. The user @techauntyji is asking users and fans of WhatsApp what do they think about a new feature added to the messaging app, that would let people send a text to a blocked contact. However, WhatsApp is practically in beta testing with this characteristic and available only on a few devices.

The “block” feature on WhatsApp

As we know WhatsApp at this current mode, the blocking method is working otherwise. When you block someone from your contact list, the person will not know that for sure. Only you know for sure about your blocked contacts, while the other person could only try some things to find out.

The first thing that could raise some question marks is the fact that the profile picture of the person that blocked you will be a grey picture. The second thing that a blocked person could try is to send messages. The message will have only one checkmark, which means that the message is not sent to the respective person.

The company has another kind of view about this blocking feature. WhatsApp wants to keep secret and protect the privacy of all the users that are using the feature. However, the blocking action isn’t a bad thing in our days.

WhatsApp to add a feature that allows users to send messages to block contacts

We live in times when cyberbullying and cyberstalking are in everybody’s life, so if this is a way of protecting yourself, then it’s a good thing. The feature was used and popular precisely for the protection that the app is offering. If WhatsApp is deciding now to announce every user about the block received, we don’t know if all the users will accept the change.

Finally, WhatsApp works on a feature that will permit users to deliver messages to their blocked contacts. Besides, WhatsApp also develops the Dark Mode theme.

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