WhatsApp Upgrade Comes With Splash Screen Option for the Recent Android Beta Users

Android users will get a new update for their WhatsApp account. Currently, the developers are running some tests for a brand-new Light Splash Screen option. The feature, however, was first noticed by WABetaInfo. However, the upgrade is now visible on the 2.19.297 Android Beta. WABetaInfo relates in a post that “WhatsApp for beta iOS is now available. It fixes the issues reported in the article. […] New Splash Screen, Dark Bubbles (under development), Hide Muted Status Updates, and important changes about the app badge” for iOS

Splash Screen Feature

The Splash Screen feature is a new page which appears while WhatsApp is loading. It also comes, a WhatsApp logo on a plain white background. The Dark Splash Screen is still under development because the Dark Theme option wasn’t released yet, according to WABetaInfo. It will be possible, however, for some users to get a chance to try the Dark Splash Screen, even if the Dark Theme will remain disabled.

WhatsApp’s Self-Destruction Messages

WhatsApp developers work currently at another intriguing feature. A “self-destructing/disappearing messages” feature is under development. This option is new and is presently hard to set some expectations. The feature will act supposedly as Snapchat’s messages. WhatsApp chats will automatically disappear if the user wants to.

Moreover, users can choose to mark a WhatsApp chat as “disappeared.” They can do that by picking the “Disappearing messages” option from Group Info, where the feature will appear once with the update. Also, an expiration time could be chosen, and it can be turned on to 5 seconds or up to 1 hour. Users are advised to get into the WhatsApp Google Play beta program to receive the new splash screen feature. They can also be up to date with many other upcoming details and improvements.

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