WhatsApp Users Face New Bugs Affecting The Splash Screen

It’s been almost a decade since it was released, but WhatsApp remains the most popular messaging app in the world, with billions of active users each month. The popular app has received a large number of updates throughout the years, and they played an essential role in keeping the app useful and exciting.

WhatsApp new bugs affect the splash screen

Most updates tend to add new features or fix previous bugs, but in some cases, new issues will surface. According to recent reports, those who use WhatsApp on their Android-powered device have reported a significant problem related to the splash screen of the app.

Several users shared posts across tech platforms last week, noting that a strange line was present beside the logo of the app. While the line may not seem to visible, it appeared as soon as users launched the app.

WhatsApp learned about the issue and released a hotfix that aimed to correct the problem, which was included in a recent update. However, it seems that new problems have surfaced. Some of the users who installed the WhatsApp 2.19.297 update mentioned that the WhatsApp logo moved from the center of the screen towards the left area. Others mention that the vertical alignment is also off.

WhatsApp iOS update also comes with splash screen bugs

iOS users have also received a new update that comes with one of the most anticipated users: call waiting. The new features will keep an incoming call on hold while you are already in a call, allowing you to switch to the second call or reject it.

It seems that the splash screen issues are not limited to Android, as some iOS users have reported that the problem surfaced on their devices. Another bug looks to restrict the incrementing of notification after the 999 value has been reached.

Some thought that the change was intentional, and WhatsApp may be working on a new limit for the notification badge. A future update could fix the issues.

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