WhatsApp vs. Viber – Voice and Video Call Comparison

Choosing from WhatsApp and Viber may be the most difficult task if you want the best instant messaging app on your device. But why not both? Of course, it may be complicated to do the same thing practically with two apps, but at least you’ll get the chance to test them as much as possible before deciding which one to remain for you. And of course, a lot of tutorials from the web are not really objective or they may be entirely fake.

Voice and video call

This is an essential aspect you should consider before deciding between WhatsApp and Viber. Viber provides video quality in High Definition using high bandwidth connections, and it even has higher experience than WhatsApp in this area. Viber even offers the very cool possibility of transferring video calls among devices.

Overall, both apps offer video calling and perhaps Viber is the winner in this area.

Self-Destructing messages

Do you want to plan the kidnapping of Santa Klaus or robbing the Tooth Fairy, and you don’t need anyone to know? Then you might seek an app that has the self-destruct function for messages, like Viber. It simply makes all of its messages disappear completely after a specific amount of time set by the user. You can do the same process even with video calls.

On the other side, WhatsApp doesn’t have such a self-destruct feature. But instead, the messages are encrypted, which means that no employee from the company can read them. If you’re worried about the owners spying on you and gathering data about your active and very interesting life, this feature should be enough. But Viber has another plus here.

Overall, Viber looks like the better app, but you might still be using WhatsApp if most of your contacts are doing the same, which is pretty likely. Both apps are free to use and offer end-to-end encryption. The choice is all yours.

Austin Barrie

Austin Barrie

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