WhatsApp Web Not Downloading Shared Files – How To Fix The Error

WhatsApp Web is the web-based version of the mobile WhatsApp releases. While it might lack some features available in the mobile variants, WhatsApp Web sums up all the essential functions of the other apps. In this article, we’ll show you how to fix WhatsApp Web not downloading files error.

WhatsApp Web should work linked to the WhatsApp app on your device, be it on Android or iOS. However, sometimes, WhatsApp Web present some glitches, but most of them are not due to the web-based app itself, but some other factors.

How To Fix The WhatsApp Web Not Downloading Shared Files

Reboot your PC

Sometimes, a glitch at the browser’s level might cause WhatsApp Web not downloading shared files error. Accordingly, you should log out of WhatsApp Web, restart your computer, and sign in to the web-based WhatsApp version once again.

No network

Before proceeding with other solutions, check your network connection. On some occasions, even if your PC look connected to the Internet, that might not be true. Check your modem, if you’re using one. If so, reset it and try connecting to WhatsApp Web again.

Ditch ad-blockers

Ad-blockers are useful add-ons to your preferred browser, but they might cause issues to online apps, WhatsApp Web included. To see if your ad-blocker is the issue, in this case, disable it, disconnect WhatsApp Web, and reconnect the web-based app.

Delete cookies and cache

Corrupt cookies or cache might cause WhatsApp Web not downloading shared file error. Accordingly, you should delete cookies and cache files. You can do that from your browser’s Settings section.

Check your mobile WhatsApp version

Sometimes, there might be nothing wrong with WhatsApp Web, but with the app on your device. It might have been corrupted, so you should uninstall your mobile WhatsApp version and reinstall it. Retry to connect to WhatsApp Web.

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