WhatsApp Won’t Run Anymore on Windows Phone and Older Android Versions As Of 2020

WhatsApp states that options might stop running on older devices anytime soon. Developers announced that it is ceasing support for Windows Phone OS and older variants of iOS and Android. Also, they confirmed that the chat app now only supports iPhones with iOS 9+, Android with OS 4.0.3+, and some devices which run on KaiOS 2.51+, such as JioPhone and JioPhone 2.

Android devices with 2.3.7 and iOS 8 and older variants will get support until next year on February 1st. However, those operating systems won’t support the option to make new accounts or re-verify the existing ones.

Moreover, some options of the app might cease running anytime now. WhatsApp won’t be supported on the Windows Phone running on systems beginning December 31. So, if you want to back-up your conversations before the support ends, you can choose to export your chat history. The chat will appear as an email attachment.

Expected WhatsApp Upgrades

Facebook-owned WhatsApp regularly brings up its app up to date and brings exciting features for its users. From group privacy settings to a fingerprint lock option, and many others were rolled out on the app’s latest variant. Dark mode, for example, is one of the most expected features on WhatsApp. Developers hinted that such a feature is currently in the final stage of development.

Also, the self-destructing messages option, similar to Snapchat’s, is highly expected to be brought to WhatsApp. Such an arrival would allow users to set a time interval for automatically delete messages.

Moreover, multiple-device support is something that developers would introduce soon in the chat app. The feature will allow users to use WhatsApp on many devices simultaneously. Probably, the most innovative feature for users, however, would be the OQ code to add contacts. Users would be able to scan a QR code to add another user’s details.

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