Why Online Therapy Can Help Us Cope During a Pandemic

Currently, we are in the middle of some of the most uncertain times imaginable. While all times have been uncertain, nothing has shut down the world like COVID-19 has, and how we live life is much different as a result.

Right now, you may be isolated in your house, working from home, or dealing with the stresses as an essential employee. It can be a challenge for you to make sense of the world right now, and because of all this, intense depression, anxiety, stress, or other mental health problems can form.

Taking a trip to the therapist’s office is out of the question, which is why many people in this pandemic are turning to online therapy for help. Let’s take a look at some benefits of online therapy.

Contactless, Yet Impactful

With online therapy, you don’t need to be in the same room as the therapist. You don’t even need to be in the same country. You just need a device, a connection, a good camera if you’re using video chat, and a place that makes you feel comfortable.

Chatting with a therapist using video can have similar benefits as being there in-person. While many people prefer being in the same room as the other person, that’s not feasible at the moment, which is why online therapy is seeing an increase in popularity.

You Can Communicate Through Any Way You Feel Comfortable

While a face-to-face conversation helps the therapist read their client’s body language and their tone of voice, there are a few downsides to it. One downside is that some people may be socially awkward or not feel comfortable around a stranger. However, online therapy allows people to talk through text or email, allowing them to formulate their thoughts better.

People Can Help From Home

Used to, only those who had the strongest fears of bacteria would be afraid to leave their house because they didn’t want to get sick. Nowadays, there’s a good reason for you not to leave your house. This is where online therapy comes on. Therapists can work from their house to help those in need.

The Future Can Immerse You Even Further

No matter how video chat technology improves, there’s still a screen between you and the therapist. With tech always moving one step ahead, however, the possibilities are endless. For example, VR online therapy is becoming more and more popular. Slip on some VR goggles, and you’re suddenly in the same room as a therapist. It can make you even more immersed and come even closer to that in-the-office experience you’ve come to expect.

It Can Save You Some Money

Right now, finances are a little tight for everyone. That’s why some people are a little skeptical about online therapy. However, because people are at home, it cuts the costs. Not only that, but you are billed based on which plan you choose, and you’re charged weekly. This can help you with the unpredictable nature that some traditional therapy services suffer from.

Online Therapy for Every Situation

What makes online therapy unique is that there is a therapy out there for every situation possible. For example, online family therapy is needed more than ever.

With more people staying at home, you’re going to expect to get on each other’s nerves. From couples arguing to siblings fighting, online therapy covers every avenue.

Another type of online counseling you may look to is job counseling. Job counseling can help those who are out of work find a job in this uncertain economy. A job counselor can look at your skills and determine what would be appropriate for a career path.

Easier Than Ever to Connect to the Right Therapist

A therapist can be excellent at their job, but may not be the right fit for your situation. Meanwhile, other therapists can just give you bad vibes or set off some red flags. It can be awkward to transfer therapists, but online therapy makes it easier.

One benefit is that online therapy sites tend to use questionnaires to connect you to the therapist who best fits your preferences. Whether you prefer a therapist by gender, age, or types of therapy offered, online therapy connects you to the best fit for the job.


Online therapy continues to grow, and during these uncertain times, it can help you flourish. We expect it to rise in popularity with the ever changing world we have right now. Good luck.

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