Will Apple iPhone 12 Have a Sony IMX686 Lens and 64MP?

If we are looking at the scores of the camera functions of Apple’s iPhones, they are actually high. But at the same time, the company doesn’t want to upgrade to high-resolution lenses, and the best example is the iPhone 11 Pro Max. The latest smartphone has third place in the DxOmark ranking. But what could happen if Apple decides to go big and change its lens?

iPhone and Sony Lens?

Apple plans to use the Sony IMX686 lens for its future iPhone 12, which means a camera with 64MP in store. As we know by now, the partnership between the two companies is not new. So using optics from Sony for the future iPhone will, for sure, strengthen this relationship.

However, we don’t have an official statement from Sony about the IMX686 lens. The only source from where we can find information is the video shared online with a collage of photos taken with this exact lens. The images from the video are coming from different settings, angles, light conditions, or at close-ups and long distances. The thing is that we don’t think that the photos are taken with a smartphone, and we assume that they are not edited.

Besides this, in a market full of models and companies, everything that is coming must be excelling in a lot of departments. Now every company has a popular model of its phone. Apple has the iPhone and Google its Pixel, while Samsung its Galaxy, and so on. The hard battle will always be between Apple and Samsung. The last company has plans for an exclusive launch in February 2020 of the Galaxy S11 that will have a 108MP camera sensor.

To sum up, if Samsung sports the ISOCELL Bright HMX lens and 108 MP for the primary camera, Sony will have to deal with a real competitor, as well as Apple, with its iPhone 12.

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