Will GTA 6 Be Released Just in Time for PS5 and Xbox Scarlet?

Microsoft and Sony will both release new consoles before the holiday season in 2020, and both have already shared many details about their next-gen consoles. Xbox Scarlet and PlayStation 5 are quite similar when it comes to specs and performance, and their price will probably be similar, as well. But some things might influence the gamers in choosing one of the consoles, and one of them is content.

It’s clear that it’s too early to talk about the launch titles that will be available for these two consoles next year, but we expect them both to offer backward compatibility – at least for some of the most wanted games. But some reports show that some games will be ready just in time for the consoles. For example, Grand Theft Auto 6 is expected to hit the market just about the time the consoles will hit the market, as well.

We have seen that a hip hop group has teased the GTA 6 launch in an Instagram story, but we still don’t have any official details with regards to the release date of the game. Some reports say it will happen in the summer of 2020. For all we know, they just made it up.

We know for sure that Rockstar Games is working on new games, like Grand Theft Auto, mainly from a developer’s site about a recent job post. The company mentions in the ad “open-world games” which makes us think about GTA 6, or at least a big game that’s currently in works. They said they were looking for an Animation Systems Programmer. They want a talented and experienced engineer that can help in developing advanced animation systems for a large open-world game. The coding skills should be at their best, and they should have a good knowledge of character animation systems.

Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson

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