Windows 10 Update 1909 Update Available with Enhanced Notifications

Windows users who like to keep track of the Windows update cycle know that major updates are released twice each year, in April and October. Update 1909, or 19H2 for those who participate in the Insider program, is a smaller update in comparison to previous ones, but it is quite meaty.

The update enhances many of the improvements brought by the previous one while also bringing a selection of new tricks that have the potential to be quite useful. Read below to learn more about it.

Enhanced notifications

Version 1909 will come with a selection of improvements related to notification. A new Manage notifications section, which is present in the Action Center, will take users to the general notification settings page. Those who like to customize notification settings for each specific application will enjoy the addition of a new shortcut button tied to the settings of individual apps.

Another great change is a button that allows users to turn off sounds for all notification.

New features for the lock screen and desktop

A few UI and UX changes are also present in the case of the look screen and desktop. The calendar flyout, which can be accessed via the system tray, will allow users to add new events without the need to open the Calendar app.

Within the Start menu, if the user hovers with the mouse over an option, the sidebar will expand automatically, showing all the available options. File Explorers has been improved, with new integrations in the form of Windows Search.

Smaller changes

Owners of devices with specific processors may observe an improved battery life and Microsoft as has also changed how tasks are distributed among cores. Users also have the option to use down level containers without the need for the container and host to have the same version.

The update will be released in the following weeks, and a manual install will be needed since the OS will no longer install feature updates automatically.

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