Xbox Scarlett Vs. PlayStation 5 – Release Date, Features, Specs, And More

Yesterday, we reported that Sony finally revealed the PlayStation 5 release date and presented or confirmed some of the next-gen console’s specs and features. And since Microsoft gave more details about its future Xbox Scarlett, even before Sony, it’s now the right time to try a short comparison between the upcoming next-gen consoles.

Xbox Scarlett Vs. PlayStation 5 – Release Date, Features, Specs, And More

Release Date

Thanks to the recent announcement made by Sony, we learned that PlayStation 5 would come out during the holiday season of 2020. The same is available for Xbox Scarlett, as per the announcement made by Microsoft earlier this year.

Accordingly, in short, we should expect both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett to hit the shelves ion stores in December 2020. As it seems, none of the two console giants want to get late in releasing their next-gen consoles.


Both PS5 and Scarlett would come out with 4K support, via AMD Navi with ray-tracing GPU, disc drive, and solid-state drive (SSD). The difference, as far as we know at the moment, regards the CPUs. Xbox Scarlett would sport AMD Zen 2, while PS5 would roll out with AMD Ryzen.

Judging on the specs that we know so far, Xbox Scarlett is a significant improvement over the Xbox One X. On the other hand, PlayStation 5 looks like a PS4 Pro with a slight upgrade.

Cloud Streaming

Nowadays, the focus is on cloud gaming streaming. With Google Stadia already ‘lock and loaded,’ more companies center on this feature.

Xbox Scarlett might come with Project xCloud, while PS5 would launch with an improved variant of PlayStation Now. Both these services are not confirmed at the moment.

More About Xbox Scarlett And PlayStation 5

Another sought-after feature the fans look forward is the backwards compatibility feature. We already know that Scarlett would permit players to play titles from all the Xbox series. On the other hand, Sony did not reveal much about the backwards compatibility function on PS5.

The Bottom Line

Both Xbox Scarlett and PlayStation 5 seem to be great consoles. However, Xbox Scarlett might win the next-generation consoles’ battle. But, as we know already, Sony has more interesting exclusive titles than Microsoft’s Xbox. That would attract gamers more, of course.

In conclusion, it’s too early to decide which of Xbox Scarlett and PlayStation 5 is better. But, on the paper, Scarlett might outperform PS5.

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