Xbox Scarlett vs PlayStation 5 – Why Is Microsoft Losing in Front of Sony

Both Sony and Microsoft are currently working on their next-gen consoles. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett will be released in 2020. They will come with the same high-end performance, which will offer us fantastic gaming experiences. Their price will probably be similar. But their features will be unique, which will differentiate them from each other.

Microsoft wants to offer cross-platform gaming support for its titles, which means that gamers will be able to switch between the new Xbox and PC without actually losing any progress. In the meantime, Sony will work with its own voice-based assistant, which will come with real-time help for gamers.

Both of the new consoles will be a worthy addition to your home, and it really depends on what you want. But keep in mind that Microsoft is already losing some battles against the PS5, and some might cost it a lot.

Xbox Scarlett vs PlayStation 5

If we are to take a look at all of the names out there, we have Project Scarlett, or Xbox Scarlett, Xbox Two, Xbox 2, perhaps Xbox 2020? So what’s the title? How will the next Xbox be called? Has not Microsoft choose a name yet?

With Sony, everything seems to be more comfortable. PlayStation 5 is the official name of the brand new console, and we did not have any doubts since the beginning. And the brand is already getting more and more popular. You should know that Sony registered trademarks for PS6 through PS10, so we won’t have to deal with the same problem that Microsoft has.

Is this the single battle that Microsoft is losing in front of Sony? We believe Microsoft wants to show us what it got, and it will, with its new console, once they have a name for it.

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