Xbox Series X Might Launch Without Exclusive First-Party Games

As we know by now, the Xbox Series X will arrive this year during the holidays of 2020. That means that at every big console launch, the device will come with new-generations games for it. However, Microsoft has different plans this time, as Matt Booty is saying.

The head of Microsoft Studios is saying that the most awaited console from the company will work with cross-gen games for the first two years.

Matt Booty is saying that the company plans to have the games available for the entire family device.

Many of the games are also launching in the next two years. So if a user wants to invest in an Xbox, the company is thinking about this investment. It’s essential for Microsoft that a user is happy with the purchase, and he will find the content needed for the first Xbox until the Series X.

Xbox Series X Might Launch Without Exclusive First-Party Games

Booty is giving the best example with its flagship game, Halo Infinite. This game and not only, will be available for Xbox One until the Series X. the difference will speak in the performance department when it comes to the latest console.

The company’s idea is straightforward. It will concentrate on one or two titles that will launch with the console with all the features in synchronization with the other versions. So if the company has this opportunity, Halo Infinite will be the game that will receive this sync and features.

If you think at this plan, you can take it as a mobile upgrade, with a lot of games released but with higher performance at the new consoles.

As we see from Microsoft’s direction, the company will go further with the Series X by launching various models of the console. On the other side, if we think that every Xbox user with old versions could enjoy all the games without upgrading, it can mean an impact on the market of consoles.

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