Xbox Series X — Steam, Epic Games Store, and Cross-Play Rumors

Xbox Series X from Microsoft is the next-gen console that may come with support for Steam and for the Epic Games Store. This comes from many rumors in the Xbox community.

As it usually happens with every rumor, we need to wait for an official statement. Rumors suggest that the Xbox Series X will get a “Windows mode”, which will enable players to switch the console’s operating system to Windows 10.

That will give them access to the Epic Games Store platform and to Steam. You could basically turn your console into a PC and get access to an entire library of games, which you don’t usually get on Xbox.

It’s very interesting when you take into account the fact that games, such as Detroit: Become Human from Quantic Dream, or Heavy Rain, were initially exclusive for PS4 before they were released for PC last year.

Xbox Series X and Cross-Play

There are also some rumors that Horizon Zero Dawn could get PC port, which means that Xbox players can play the game on Xbox Series X if this Windows mode is really happening.

The idea is a good one, and it’s not impossible. Microsoft wants to create a “family of platforms,” and they had this idea ever since they launched Xbox One. This family should have backward compatibility, and features like cross-play.

The Xbox Series X backward compatibility will support every generation of console, even the original Xbox, a thing that will give you access to a huge library of the classic Xbox games.

The console resembles a PC tower, so it makes sense if Xbox Series X supports Microsoft’s operating system. We don’t know yet for sure if this rumor is true, and right now, we can only wait for an official statement.

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