YouTube 15.16.36 Beta Update Available with New Fixes

The advent of affordable broadband internet and more convenient mobile data plans have facilitated the adaption of streaming as a great way to enjoy entertaining content on your smartphone. YouTube anticipated the popularity of streaming and released dedicated apps for mobile devices before services like Netflix appeared on the market.

A large number of updates have been released over the years, improving the user experience by adding new features and addressing bugs. This made the app a popular choice for many users who enjoy videos on the go and reinforced the popularity of the service across the world.

Of course, the primary feature offered by the app is the ability to access the content shared by artists, creators, and other users in a seamless manner. Finding your favorite videos is as simple as using the dedicated search bar to enter the query and tapping on the search icon displayed on your keyboard. The app will automatically display the most relevant results.

With the robust user interface, it is easier than to find what you need. Touch the dedicated icons displayed on the lower side of the app to switch quickly between the Home, Discovery, Subscriptions, Inbox, and Library sections.

Tap on the Discovery tab to see the hottest videos and find new content that was picked for you by the algorithm. Different sections like Music and Gaming may offer the chance to find new and interesting content in a fun way.

Many of the classic tools are also available. Create playlists with your favorite songs or videos, like or dislike videos, share your opinion in the comments section. There are also some new tricks, including the ability to cast videos on your smart TV.

YouTube Premium users will also have the option to access premium content on the go and to download videos which can be viewed while offline.

The 15.16.36 beta update comes with performance improvements.

Arya Spetza

Arya Spetza

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